Terms of use

1. Licences

This website contains images, information and other contents that constitute intellectual and/or industrial property of whmcsmod and/or its users. According to these service conditions, a user can publish his/her contents on whmcsmod and check the contents published by other users of this website. However, for our own protection as well as for the protection of the rest of the users of whmcsmod, no one can: (i) copy this website or any part thereof in any way or in any place; (ii) redistribute or, in other words, divulge information obtained from this website to third parties, whether on a website or otherwise. No one can sell, modify or create pieces of work derived from the available contents on our website, nor change or eliminate the copyright, or any other element that identifies where they come from. whmcsmod reserves all rights that it could legally hold over the aforementioned contents, even those not explicitly established in this paragraph. By publishing any information on this website, the user grants whmcsmod an irrevocable, universal and free license to use, copy, modify, distribute, publicly show, and implement on this website services arising from the use of that information and sub-license that information to third parties so that they can carry out operational and/or maintenance works.
The whmcsmod user is free to modify or eliminate at any time the information that he/she has published on this website.

2. Rights

The user is commited to abide by the law and regulations in force. The user can publish a piece of information as long as he/she has all the legal rights to make it public.

3. Operational policy

With the sole purpose of offering an excellent service to its users, whmcsmod will establish some conditions regarding the use of its website. These conditions refer, for example, to the length of the message, the duration of the ad, the inclusion of images, in general, to the user interaction with the website. It is the responsibility of the user to keep any information that he/she sends to whmcsmod. whmcsmod will not be held responsible if, under determined circumstances, the information supplied by the users is deleted of if an error occurs during the storage process of that information.

4. Refund policy

Where Refunds Apply
  • MONTHLY orders with no setup/install service addon within the first 7 days of purchase
  • Payments done with cryptocoins will be refunded as credits in the client account
Where Refunds DO NOT Apply
  • Yearly orders ( unless there's only one billing cycle )
  • Special offers or services with discount
  • Orders with setup/install service addon
  • Clients with a previous refund request
  • Clients that already ordered the same service in the past
Custom Software Development
If our custom software development services do not meet your expectations, you are able to get full or partial refund dependent on the development progress status before the development is finished:
  • 100% refund when the development has not started yet
  • 50% refund when the development has been started, but is finished in 50% or less of total development
  • 25% refund when the development has been started, but is finished in 75% or less of total development
If the development is completed no refunds are available.

How to request a refund

You can request a refund or get other assistance with your purchases at https://cp.whmcsmod.com/contact.php .